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I’m Printing A Book For Charity.

Kris Carter

Several years ago, I wrote and drew some Transformers fan-comics (with a little help from various other people) that I posted up on the Transformers fan-website. They were very well received, and actually contributed to me gaining work on colouring the official Transformers comics a few years later.

Recently I found out that Sol Fire, one of the forum members who’s fan-character I used in the books, had taken his own life. Coupled with my own experience with mental health disorders, it seemed like a good way to help a charity and also show a mark of respect.

To this end, I’ve decided to collect together the four stories I created, and publish them in a trade paperback, which I will then sell online and at some UK conventions. Once the printing costs are all met, any further takings will all go to The Samaritans.

The book itself…

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